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We offer a wide variety of truly "cosmetic" options. Dr. Hatch believes that to restore any tooth to function, form must also be restored. Therefore all dental care provided by Dr. Hatch blends to a natural and beautiful form and function. Here are some of the options we offer, followed by a brief description: Whitening,Porcelain,Inlays/Onlays Veneers,White Fillings,Bridge Crowns (Caps),Smile Design,Invisalign

Tooth Whitening

Whitening is the easiest and one of the most rewarding procedures that we provide. If you have whitened in the past and had problems with sensitivity, you will like the whitening offered today. The chemistry of whitening today virtually eliminates all severe sensitivity. Whitening is safe, easy and extremely effective. We offer three levels of tooth whitening options:
Level 1: The professional strength Crest White Strips. These are prescription strength and twice as strong as the White Strips you can buy at the store. The results are good but only last 6-8 months before you need to repeat the process.
Level 2: At home whitening, which consists of 10-16% Carbamide Peroxide in custom trays that are fabricated by our office for you. The results are fantastic and last much longer with minimal touch up. This process requires 2-3 weeks of use to obtain the best results.
Level 3: The last option is office whitening, which consists of 25-30% Hydrogen Peroxide and takes about one hour to complete. This option provides immediate results and many offices provide this as a stand-alone procedure. I have found that this does not provide a "white enough" smile, so I include for my patients 3-5 days of at home whitening to obtain the results that both I and the patient are happy with. 

Porcelain Veneers

These are ceramic facings that are permanently bonded to the front of your teeth. Veneers are often referred to as "instant orthodontics" because they can change the shade and shape of your smile in two visits about one week apart, where orthodontics (braces) would take 1-2 years. They are truly beautiful. Please see the before and after examples to the right. 

Crown & Bridge

There are many types of crowns in the dental industry. A good comparison would be to cars. There are many different types of cars, varying in price and function. They all serve the same purpose but some do it with much more style. The same can be said for crowns. Brand names like Empress, Procera, and Optek may mean nothing to you but will enhance your smile much more than tradition porcelain fused to metal. We only use the highest quality of labs and materials. 

Ceramic Inlay & Onlay

Porcelain restorations are fabricated to perfectly match your teeth and are bonded in to strengthen and protect them while not requiring as much tooth structure as a full crown or bridge. 

Tooth Color Filings/Bonding

Composite (tooth colored fillings) is utilized when the cavity is still small. It is a fantastic option that will strengthen the tooth and provide a beautiful result. It can also be used to repair small chips or decay in the front teeth to blend in with your smile. 


This process provides a beautiful smile and does so in an invisible manner. The aligners (instead of braces) are transparent so they can not be seen during treatment. It virtually replaces braces and wires in traditional braces. We are so excited about this service that we have dedicated an entire section on Invisalign. 

Smile Design

Smile design is a process which we take your smile, analyze it and then develop a treatment plan outlining the options we have to improve upon areas you are concerned with. There are many factors in smile analysis. Three basic factors are important and influential in this analysis: Shape, Shade and Symmetry. A change in any of these three will give instant results and a change in all three can give a dynamic and beautiful smile!

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